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What to Expect

When you visit Federal Way Audiology for your hearing needs you can expect your appointment to be broken into a few parts.

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Every appointment begins with a conversation to get to know you better and understand your hearing needs.

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Ear Examination:

We will look inside your ears using an otoscope to determine the ear canal is clear and your eardrum is healthy.

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A diagnostic hearing exam will be performed to determine if hearing loss is present and what degree you have.

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We will go over your results with you which are charted on an audiogram.

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Management Options:

If an aidable hearing loss is present, we will go over your management options and create a plan specifically for you.


Federal Way Audiology is conveniently located near Franciscan Medical Clinic at St. Francis. We are directly across from Wells Fargo Bank and next to St. Francis Women’s Health.


34709 9th Ave. South
Suite B 200
Federal Way, WA 98003

Phone Number:

(253) 248-6106


Mon - Thurs: 9 - 5
Fri: 9 - 4


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