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Hearing Tests in Federal Way, WA

The first step in diagnosing hearing loss or tinnitus is a hearing test. Hearing loss is categorized in degrees (mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe or profound). To determine which degree of loss you have, a hearing test is required.

At Federal Way Audiology, we offer diagnostic hearing tests to evaluate the full capability of your ears and hearing. During the test, you will sit in a sound-proof booth, wearing a pair of headphones and you will listen for a series of sounds that vary in loudness and pitch. We will also perform a speech comprehension test to determine how hearing loss has affected your ability to hear certain words in both quiet and in noise.

The results of your hearing test will be charted on an audiogram, which our hearing specialists will go over with you in detail.

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Hearing Aid Fittings & Programming

Hearing aids need to be properly fit and programmed to provide the wearer with better hearing. Our audiologists are experts in hearing technology and can ensure your hearing aids fit comfortably yet securely. Depending on the style of hearing aid you choose, you may need a custom fit earmold, which we can make in the office.

Using the results of your audiogram (your hearing prescription) we will program your hearing aids specifically for you. It is important you can hear clearly and with the right amount of amplification in your everyday environments. We work with several of the leading manufacturers and are experts in their programming.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids are durable however, sometimes they may require repairs or maintenance. At Federal Way Audiology, we can expertly repair your hearing aids and perform regular maintenance checks to ensure they are working properly. Most repairs can be completed in our office depending on what is needed. If your hearing aids have suffered more serious damage or have been submerged in water and are no longer working, we may have to send them back to the manufacturer to be fixed.

We also offer professional cleaning services on hearing aids. You should clean your devices every day after you take them out of your ears, but in addition we also recommend bringing them in every six months for a deep clean.

Are your hearing aids overdue for maintenance? Contact our office today to schedule an appointment!

Balance Evaluations

Balance and dizziness disorders are some of the most prevalent conditions in adults. In fact, an estimated 90 million Americans will experience dizziness at least once in their lifetime. Some causes of vestibular disorders include age-related multisensory deficits, strokes and vascular insufficiencies, cerebellar degeneration, chemical and drug toxicities, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), and head trauma.

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VNG Testing

Videonystagmography testing (VNG) measures eye movement that you can’t control. These eye movements are called nystagmus. This type of test assists our audiologist in determining if your dizziness is caused by inner ear dysfunction, BPPV, or central pathology.

The diagnostic balance and vestibular testing offered at Federal Way Audiology allows us to identify the cause of your dizziness so we can help you find the right solution.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus is a common phenomenon where individuals hear a buzzing, humming, ringing, roaring, or whistling in the ears when no external sounds are present. Tinnitus can vary from person to person and can range in pitch, loudness, and frequency. For some people, the tinnitus is so severe it affects concentration, sleep, and quality of life.

If you suffer from constant, annoying ringing in the ears, relief is possible. Our audiologists are experts in tinnitus and Dr. Moran even holds a tinnitus management certification. There are a couple management options that can alleviate your perception of tinnitus, including hearing aids and tinnitus retraining therapy.

While there is no cure to stop ringing in the ears completely, we can offer tinnitus relief for those in Federal Way and the surrounding communities 

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Earwax Removal

Cerumen (earwax) is a natural part of healthy ears. However, sometimes earwax has a difficult time making its way out of the ear canal. When this occurs, it can build-up and become impacted, causing clogged ears, discomfort, and muffled hearing.

Our audiologists can expertly remove impacted earwax, so you can hear clearly and comfortably again. You should never try to remove earwax on your own. Cotton swabs can push cerumen further into the ear canal causing a larger blockage and damage to the eardrum. If your ears are bothering you, contact Federal Way Audiology for an appointment.

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Custom Earmolds

Custom fit earmolds are essential for select styles of hearing aids as well as hearing protection. At Federal Way Audiology, we can make impressions of your ears to create custom fit earplugs, earmolds, and in-ear monitors.

Loud noise exposure is one of the most common causes of hearing loss in people of all ages, but especially teenagers and young adults. Wearing properly fit hearing protection will ensure you keep your (or your child’s) hearing safe for now and in the future.



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